Whitland – Wed 4th March at 7pm – Salsa 8 Week Beginners Course & Party

Whitland – Wed 4th March at 7pm – Salsa 8 Week Beginners Course & Party


Choose the option below to either get signed up for the Free Intro class. Or book in for the full 8 week course at discounted price.
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starting: Wednesday 4th March 2020 at 7pm.
Then every Wednesday for 8 weeks – last lesson on 22nd April
Plus 1 x Party for you to enjoy (to be taken within the 8 weeks)

Held at: Whitland Town Hall, 1 King Edward St, Whitland, SA34 0AA

Perfect for meeting new people, reducing stress and keeping fit.

Stop putting it off and join our community today!


In this course you will learn the fundamental movements for you to dance the night away on the dance floor 💃

Cost of the 8 week course & party:
£40 if booking online before the free Introductory lesson
Or £49 if booking in the free introductory lesson (Cash/Card)
(Original Price £58)

NO BAR! – Please bring drinks
We have a wide age range of students attending our classes.
From 16-70+ (You must be 16+ to join in the fun)


Unsure if Salsa is for you?

Then come along and try our FREE Introductory lesson, which is on the first lesson of every new 8 week course!
In this lesson we will do our best to give you a taste of what Salsa dancing is about and the social dance nights we provide. If you would then like to sign up you can do so on the night – which costs £49.

Although booking online before the start date helps us in regards to knowing who is coming. So we offer a £9 discount if you book your spaces online early.

Please also remember our courses are only available every 8 weeks and are hugely popular, so make sure you get booked in to avoid disappointment 🙂

Learn the Basic Salsa Steps (Footwork)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have danced before do I still need to do the Beginners Course?2018-08-27T13:36:10+00:00

If you have dance but never Salsa then yes, it is important to get the basic fundamental understanding of each dance style so you can comfortably progress. If you have danced salsa elsewhere but never with us, please get in contact with us, so we can best advise what class you will need to do. Thank you

What will I learn in this course?2019-01-30T10:12:54+00:00

We will aim to progress every week covering; Understanding the Salsa Rhythm, Salsa History, Finding the beat, connection and movement in partnership, some of the step covered will include Basic steps, side step, back step, open out, right and left turns for lead and followers, Crossbody Lead, Crossbody Lead Walkthrough, Crossbody Lead Inside turn. With the emphasis on keeping the rhythm and listening to the music in these steps.

Do I need a partner?2019-01-15T11:52:03+00:00

No, you do not need to come with a partner as we constantly swap partner’s during class. This means you will get to dance with everyone throughout the class. Making it better for learning, and creating a more social experience.

What will I do once I have completed the Beginners Salsa Course?2018-08-17T10:20:01+00:00
We encourage everyone to repeat the Beginners course, to make sure you get the fundamentals mastered. Then we have higher level classes for you to attend which are currently taught on a drop in basis. Plus we have regular Parties, Special Events and go on weekends away dancing together.
We are a BIG COMMUNITY of amazing FRIENDLY people waiting for you to join us. See you soon 🙂
What if I can not make all the classes?2018-08-17T09:59:07+00:00

We encourage everyone to make an effort to make all the classes, as we progress each week, and it will be best for your learning. However if you miss the odd class please do not worry, as we recap everything from the previous week.

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Free Introductory, 8 Week Course (DISCOUNTED)