Obsessed with Salsa?

You know you are obsessed with Salsa if…….

  1. You vividly remember your first experience with salsa and the date it happened.
    2. You take naps during lunch because you went dancing last night.
    3. You never listen to the radio anymore because all you listen to are salsa cds/cassettes.
    4. You cruise downtown blasting salsa music.
    5. You go to a hip hop/dance club and you find yourself trying to find the beat of the clave.
    6. You try your salsa moves in the hip hop/dance club with somebody who has never partner danced.
    7. You dance in your dreams.
    8. Salsa lessons/club cover fees are now a permanent part of your monthly expenses.
    9. You say you are going shopping for a new business outfit but you are secretly salsa shopping.
    10. Your boyfriend/girlfriend does not understand the “strictly plutonic” relationship you have with your salsa partner because you simply cannot wait until you practice with him/her again.
    11. You watch anything that deals with body movement, (i.e. karate, gymnastics, figure skating, ballet) because you are trying to devise a new salsa move.
    12. You sing songs with words in Spanish you don’t even understand.
    13. You are the only non-Latino in the Musica Latina section.
    14. You practice your turns when no one is looking.
    15. You lightly dance your basic when you are waiting for something or when no one is looking.
    16. You secretly practise your footwork when you are on the phone.
    17. You rarely watch TV anymore.
    18. You convince yourself you can get by on 3-4 hours sleep per night.
    19. Would rather have salsa than sex.
    20. Salsa IS sex.
    21. You have lost about 10 lbs. from dancing so much.
    22. You have searched and found EVERY club in town.
    23. Start spending more on salsa outfits than work clothes.
    24. You’ve considered getting a different/easier job day job to accommodate your salsa dancing.
    24. Friday nights are off limits for any events because you just CANNOT miss your salsa night.
    26. You can’t buy enough salsa music/clothes/shoes.
    27. All your “former” friends have now abandoned you.
    28. You don’t even miss your “former” friends, as long as you have your salsa!
    29. You argue about how salsa should be danced.
    30. You have met all new (better and more permanent) friends.
    31. Your friends and family do not understand what you are ranting and raving about.
    32. You dump your boyfriend/girlfriend because he/she is getting in the way of your salsa dancing.
    33. When you say, “I need my FIX for the week.” you are not referring to drugs.
    34. You cannot convince any of your friends to come with you.
    35. You start talking 100 mph just because some casual acquaintance shows an interest in salsa.
    36. You went to a salsa congress and had an information overload.
    37. You used to be humble and shy but now you just have to show off every chance you get.
    38. You go on holiday and instead of looking forward to seeing the main attraction, you just cannot wait to check out the local salsa clubs.
    39. You extend your holiday a few days, just so you can check out a local club.
    40. You watch the MTV music awards and you don’t recognize any of the new groups/singers because you never listen to that music anymore.
    41. You are on the web all day long visiting salsa web sites.
    42. You started working out again because you have to be in shape to wear those salsa outfits.
    43. Your shoes are worn out from spinning so much.
    44. You start clearing space in your room so you can dance salsa there.
    45. You listen to Marc Anthony and start crying.
    46. You cannot imagine life without salsa.
    47. You start changing your screen names to “Salsa-this” or “Salsa-that”.
    48. You consider getting a licence plate with “Salsa” in it somehow.
    49. You sneak to your car during working hours just so you can listen to a few salsa tunes.
    50. You dance salsa steps under your desk at work.


Source: www.salsa-central.com

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