Recently we were asked by S4C to take part in some filming ‘on location’ for their new branding that is now being screened every day on S4C.

The new branding includes us in various dancing poses on Pwllgwaelod beach, a beautiful beach north of Fishguard. These will be shown before some of our favourite S4C programmes for the next 18 months.

You’ll also see some other familiar faces with us – 2 of our students; Angela Windsor and Jon Berg

It was a new experience for us as we’d never danced, or done dips and tricks, on wet sand and racing against the incoming tide.

In between each shot the make-up artists and costume designers would rush up to us and make us look beautiful again!

Not sure what all the holiday makers on the beach were thinking was going on. They were all looking and wondering who are they.

Look out for the new branding on S4C.

Check out the clip here:


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