Salsa Dance Class – Whitland – Wednesdays

Salsa Dance Class – Whitland – Wednesdays 2017-05-30T12:15:14+00:00

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Salsa Dance Class – Whitland – Wednesdays – 7pm

Venue Address: Whitland Town Hall, 1 King Edward St, Whitland, SA34 0AA

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Class details:

£6 entry per person

7:00pm – Doors Open (Please arrive at this time to get signed in)
7.05pm – Absolute Beginners Salsa Class – Level 1 (45 Minutes)
*Please scroll down if needing higher level classes

Taught in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment. Once you walk into the venue, you will be greeted by one of our friendly team members, where you will pay for your class and get signed in.
From there we will start the class by doing a little warm up dance – to get you moving (Follow the teacher and have fun)
After this we start the class. You will learn some basic steps on your own, before being brought together with a partner.
Every few minutes we will then change partners. This makes the evening much more social and also benefits with your learning dancing with different people.

Feeling nervous? Please contact us with any questions, so we can help try and ease your nerves. Or check out our FAQ’s

Done Salsa before? We have higher level classes for you.

What we would recommend is please try and join us in a lower level class before joining into the level you think you should be in.
Every teacher is different and if you have never learnt with us, then you may require certain moves/techniques to be in a specific level.

8.05pm – Level 2 – Beginners/Improvers level
7.05pm – Level 3 – Improvers/Intermediate Class
8.05pm – Level 4 – Intermediates Class
*You must demonstrate that you have learned what is in each class, before moving on to the next level

SOCIAL DANCING (Practising your moves)
We all need to practise what we learn, so between classes 7.50-8.05pm & after the last class around 8.50pm-9.05pm, there is time to SOCIAL DANCE and practise your moves. Please remember to ask at least 1 new student to dance on each night. This helps everyone get to know each other and build the community.

We will be running 5 Week courses in either Bachata, Kizomba or Rueda which you could also join in and learn. This class will start at 9.05pm.
Please contact us for more details on these courses. Thank you

Useful info:
– Everyone welcome
– No experience required
– No need to book
– No partner needed